Artistic Practice

Consider for a moment a feeling, a thought that for one reason or another you were maybe reluctant or afraid, to openly admit to? Where you questioned yourself - is this normal?

Confined within a cocoon of untruth, masking the tell tale signs that would unravel and leak our true identities, our true selves within, we in a sense choose to estrange our true selves in an attempt to be accepted as we fear to be

outwardly marginalised.

Through the use of moving image, I present to you a portal; a simple flutter that I hope will spark a growing curiosity within one's s self. Like Pandora opening her box, I attempt to release the unspoken feelings, which get carpeted over and are socially rarely mentioned.


Through the medium of film I like to examine pockets of reality. Recognising and magnifying shared moments which I feel we would all have experienced at some point within our lives.

Bizy Productions

With a deep fascination for understanding our shared thoughts and emotions. Bizy Production have written a trilogy of shorts exploring a series of hidden emotions which border onto the lines of mental health.

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