Curation and Organisation

2014 Soul to Sole, Croome Redefined, National Trust (in progress)
2014 Sound TARDIS, Break Through Project, Nottingham Music Services, Nottingham Contemporary (in progress)

2013 Diwali, Film Screening, Curve, Leicester
2013 Digital Stage Open Call Film Programme, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2013 Hitchcock, Film Screening, Curve, Leicester
2013 Leicester Pride, Film Screening, Curve, Leicester
2013 Freedom in Air, Phase 2, Liverpool Playhouse & Everyman, Liverpool
2013 Nottingham Young Creative Award, Judges, Nottingham
2013 Freedom in Air, Nottingham Playhouse & New Art Exchange, Nottingham
2013 St George's Day, Curve Theatre, Leicester
2013 Holi Film Screening, Curve Theatre, Leicester

2012 Play, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2012 Eflux Journals, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
2012 Media Diaries, Culture Club Olympiad Commission, Quad, Derby
2012 Dual, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2012 The Way Forward, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2012 Word of Mouth, Nottingham Writers Studio, Nottingham

2011 Origins, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
2011 Telling Tales, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2011 Authentic Self - Part 2, Phoenix Square, Leicester
2011 The World As A Digital Stage, NEAT11 Festival, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2011 Do It All Dating, The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham

2010 The Art of Storytelling, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2010 Origamibiro, In Dust, Steam and A Mutascope, Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham
2010 The Authentic Self, Digital Broadway, Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham
2010 Everyone Has A Different View, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
2010 Communicating Authentically, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham

2009 Litherland Film Programme, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

Awards, Commissions and Bursaries

2014 Creative Quarter, Apprentice Sculpture Commission
2014 Youth Music Inclusion, Break Through Project Commission, Nottingham Music Services
2013 Digital Entry Judge, Nottingham Young Creative Award 2013
2012 Culture Club, Olympiad Commission, Igniting Ambitions
2011 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, Digital Stage Grant
2011 SME Research and Development Grant, Igniting Ambitions
2010 New Collaborations, partners with UK Young Artists, Creative Innovation


Crossovers between virtual and physical worlds, Reviewed by R. Myers, Further Field,
Digital Art from The Cutting Room, Reviewed by J. Beard,Creative Nottingham,
The Cutting Edge, Reviewed by J. Gleadell, Nottingham Visual Arts,
Dual, Turbulence Networked Performance, Reviewed by J. Green
Do-It-All-Dating, Reviewed by T.Reshamwala, FD2D
The World As A Digital Stage, Reviewed by L. Cunningham
The Authentic Self, Reviewed by B. Bramich
The Art of Storytelling, Reviewed by B.Mengebier
The Art of Storytelling, Reviewed by B.Evers


Flux is a new curatorial collaboration based in Herefordlooking to produce contemporary community exhibitions in and around Herefordshire.


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The Cutting Room

During the past few years The Cutting Room have held a series of events at Nottingham Contemporary, Broadway Cinema, Phoenix Square, New Art Exchange, Curve, Liverpool Playhouse and Everyman and as part of the NEAT11 Festival, establishing themselves as part of the creative scene in the East Midlands.

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