Just A Thought, Bizy Productions, Clare Harris and Gavin MawdittShadow of Hope
Bizy Productions, 2013

First Stub, Bizy Productions, Clare Harris and Gavin MawdittFirst Stub
Bizy Productions, 2013



Hidden Agendas
Bizy Productions, 2013


Just A Thought
Bizy Productions, 2013


Leap of Faith
Bizy Productions, 2012

Zombiehood feature film

Apint Productions, 2013

Trading Licks, Many Hands Production

Trading Licks
Many Hands Production, 2011

Wrong Girl In Isolation

Wrong Girl
In Isolation Music Video, 2012


Passing Moment
Degree Show, 2010


Little Girl
Degree Show, 2010


Degree Show, 2010




Bizy Productions

Meeting on the set of Zombiehood, a community feature film based in Nottingham. Clare Harris and Gavin Mawditt formed Bizy Productions and have been working together since the beginning of 2012. They have produced a collection of shorts, which they are currently screening across the UK.


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Memory Box Media

Memory Box Media is a production company based in the Midlands who have over the past few years been collaborating together to document a wide range of media. Experienced in single or multi camera productions, editing and post production. We can deliver High Definition content fluidly in a wide range of formats from DVD, broadcast, CDRom and web.

Online Documentation

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